Notes & Toasts
A Ghostwriting Service

Let Kathryn Beisner be your ghostwriter for personal sentiments in your greeting cards and celebration toasts. $49.95 for up to 100 words. Once we receive your payment, Kathryn Beisner will contact you for the details of your occasion, and let the writing begin! (Payment may be made on-line with PayPal or via the Printable Order Form).

Sample Sentiment Excerpts:

Dear _______,


I was so sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. I enjoyed hearing some of her stories when we talked on the phone about her special recipes with “a handful of this,” and “a pinch of that.” I’m holding a special thought…


Congratulations on becoming a citizen of the United States! You are a wonderful asset to our country, and you possess the energetic spirit of an ideal American. Welcome!

Thank you

Thank you so much for lunch at the Club and a wonderful tour of the University campus. Loving history as I do, it was a solemn experience to walk on the bricks that our forefathers trod, and to view the book collection from the first library at Princeton. But most enjoyable were the family stories that you shared so generously…

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