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Thank you for joining an elite list of visionary business and organizations that are making possible quality, live, educational programming for under-served schools and communities. Your participation DOES make a difference!

Please complete the following, five brief steps so we may credit you appropriately for your generosity.

1. There are two ways to submit this form, you can download this form; print it out and mail it with your check, OR submit it electronically.

To submit electronically, simply fill in the form that follows and press the "submit" button when finished. Please note, those fields marked with an (*) are required fields.

For a printed version of this form simply press below:

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2. Let us know who you are and how to stay in touch:

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2a. We need your company logo. You can provide it via electronic media or camera ready art.

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3. Choose a Sponsor Level*

$500 Embrace Change

Your company or individual name is included as a text listing in the list of Say, "I Can!"sm contributing sponsors on the KBS Productions web site for one year.

$1500 No Guts, No Story!

Your logo is included in the Say, "I Can!"sm pages of contributing sponsors on the KBS Productions web site for one year.

$3000 I Can!

° Your logo with an active link to your company or organization site is included in the Say, "I Can!"sm pages of contributing sponsors on the KBS Productions web site for one year.

° Your company or organization will receive acknowledgement in verbal and written credits at all Say, "I Can!"sm presentations for one year.


Click "Submit" to indicate your generous contribution.


4. To complete the transaction mail your check (Payable to KBS Productions) and logo, if necessary, to the address below.

5. Sit back and feel terrific about making this responsible, community contribution that provides YOU with good will advertising value.

Administrative Notes:

1. Thank you for your contribution.
2. KBS Productions is NOT a charitable entity. Check with your accountant for advice in handling this advertising and "good will" expense.
3. Reminder: Your advertising dollars work most effectively when YOU let people know that you are contributing sponsors to this dynamic program, helping to fill the gaps in under-served communities.
4. If you have questions, please contact us through any of the means below.

KBS Productions
Kathryn Beisner, Speaker/Writer
Cyn Hales, Management/Bookings
13395 Voyager Pkwy
Ste 130 PMB 481
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Phone: 303-469-6866    

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