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"If we keep on doin' what we always done, we'll keep on gettin' what we always got." -- Barbara Lyons

Kathryn Beisner's Say, "I CAN!"sm program is a dynamic, live presentation that combines motivation, history, and storytelling!


This should be a mandatory, special program in school.
- L. Hershman, Evanston, IL

Engaging! Using stories to captivate people's interest to impart history is an excellent tool!
- J. Newbill, South Bend, IN

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Program Brief
Working Together: The Power of Collaboration
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Program Brief


Say, "I CAN!" is an enrichment tool to support academic success through diverse stories of positive role models. Say, "I CAN!" inspires people to embrace the challenges of living their dreams, while learning about the adventures and accomplishments of women in history who have.

Say, "I CAN!" is a corporate-funded program, well suited for school assemblies, non-profit educational events, and community gatherings where live, educational programming presented in entertaining style is desired.

Here is a sampling of some of the characters that Ms. Beisner regales her audiences with:

Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman was born among the cotton fields of Texas in 1892. She was home-schooled by her mother, then moved to Chicago and found work as a manicurist. When Bessie discovered her dream was to fly airplanes, no one in America would teach her. In 1920, she learned to speak French, secured a passport, and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to study aviation in France. Bessie became the first African-American to earn an international pilot's license and the first Black woman in the world to fly an airplane.

Captain Ellen Jack

Who is Captain Ellen Jack? Just one of Colorado's female entrepreneurs in 1872! She ran her own restaurant, leased commercial real estate to other businessmen, prospected the Black Queen Mine for silver, and was the single mother of four! Ellen Jack was an immigrant from England who was widowed early in life. But she embraced her challenges and became a legendary success story on the western slopes of Colorado.

Loreta Janeta Velazquez

In 1864, Loreta Janeta Velazquez, the first, recorded, Hispanic female spy in US History, left her married domestic life in San Antonio to fight in such battles as Bull Run and Ball's Bluff. She disguised herself as a man and served as a lieutenant in the Confederate army in the Civil War. After the army learned that she was a woman, she was discharged. She then began her life as a spy for the South, working in male and female guises.

Kathryn Beisner

Kathryn Beisner shares her personal journey that begins with growing up hearing-impaired in a strict, military family. She gained her independence first by being a "French fry jockey" in a fast-food business. She went on to experience the agony of flunking out of college on her first enrollment, and the ecstasy of reclaiming her valuable education with a second try. Upon graduation Beisner worked for a national accounting firm and quickly rose to the top, securing a position as Director of Finance for the City of Greenwood Village. Eventually she traded in her calculator for a microphone and began her career as a motivational speaker. Kathryn Beisner's story personifies the challenges and rewards of living your dream in humorous and passionate style!


Join us as a private company in collaboration with the community and the educational system!

My daughter loves everything about baseball but there are no visible, female role models for her - thanks for including the segment about women in baseball.
- M.B. Tsarpalas, Wilmette, IL

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Kathryn Beisner is learning to Say, "I CAN!" in Spanish.


Working Together: The Power of Collaboration


KBS Productions is working with communities across the United States to bring live programming to under-served students of all ages. We believe that by working together, businesses and communities can assist schools in closing educational gaps.

This collaboration is an exciting opportunity on so many levels...


It brings educational programming in an entertaining package to communities that rarely have access to special events.


It makes available to young people, person to person, encouragement to see beyond their daily lives, and know that they too can live the dream that's in their heart.
It provides a positive example of how large and small business can work together for the greater good of our American culture.


KBS's goals for this program are:

1. To enrich and enhance the success of schools in their pursuit of academic excellence
2. To use positive motivation and entertaining stories to teach about achievements in history
3. To inspire student confidence toward setting life goals
4. To encourage community participation in the success of it's members

I'd like my grandchildren to hear these marvelous stories!.
- C. Buxton, Beloit, WI

KBS will provide:

1. A live, motivational program that entertains and educates
2. A listing of your event on our KBS Productions Web site
3. Ten, creative "follow-up" activities for use by a teacher or facilitator
4. The funding for the speaker fee via our sponsor contributions*
5. Advertising value and visibility for sponsoring organizations
6. Sample Flyer to market your community events.
(Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view flyer, Free download of Acrobat.)

I enjoyed Kathryn's humor as she shared stories about how achieving your dreams is hard work.
- D. Grizzle, Rifle, CO

The hosting school or community organization will provide:

1. An audience!
2. A location for the event appropriate for a live presentation
3. Any necessary equipment such as microphone, amplification, lighting, and interpretation
4. A commitment to a date agreeable to both the school and KBS Productions

This should be a mandatory, special program in school.
- L. Hershman, Evanston, IL

*Sponsors will provide:

Funding submitted to KBS Productions to make it possible to bring this universal program to under-served communities.

Sponsor Form

By clicking on the Sponsor Form link below, you can join an elite list of visionary businesses and organizations that are making possible quality, live, educational programming for under-served schools and communities!

Sign Up Now!

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Sponsors & Event Hosts

The following organizations have been participants in the Say, "I CAN!" program. Join them in enriching your community.

Women's Foundation of Colorado
BookFeast produced by Dawson School
FCM, a private partnership
Garfield County Public Library System
Brighton Heritage Academy 27J
Remington Elementary School in collaboration with LARASA
Girl Scouts-Mile Hi Council-Peak to Peak Service Unit Cookie Sales Kick-off
Girl Scouts-Mountain Prairie Council-Mother/Daughter Tea
Girl Scouts-Mile Hi Council-Celebration of Girl Scout Week
Journey - A Young Woman's Conference-Loveland
Columbine Elementary Character Education Program
Crestview Elementary School
Gove Middle School in collaboration with Community Resources, Inc.
Kaiser Elementary School in collaboration with Community Resources, Inc.
Florence Crittenton School in collaboration with Community Resources, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Storytellers' Conference
Jefferson County Outdoor Education Laboratory Schools
Kepner Middle School
Journey: A Young Women's Conference-Ft. Collins
Overland High School: Mary Gomez, Ph.D, Esther Song, Psy.d, Stacey Szenderski, M.A.
Freed Middle School
Pueblo City-County Library District
Friends of Pueblo City-County Library District
AVID Kunsmiller Middle School
Las Animas-Bent County Library

Host an engagement of Say, "I CAN!"sm in your community!

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